Thursday, 24 January 2019

Documented Views of Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo About Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Documented Views Of Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo About Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
2003 "I regret picking Atiku Abubakar as my vice". 

2004 " I can no longer work with Atiku, his integrity is in question ".

2005 " Atiku cannot be trusted ".

2006 " Atiku cannot escape justice over corruption cases "

2007 "Do not vote Atiku he is corrupt".

2008 " Atiku is a corrupt leader".

2009 "Nigerians can never forgive Atiku".

2010 " Atiku is not an option to leadership in Nigeria ".

2011 " I have never seen a leader as greedy as Atiku ".

2012 " Nigerians should pray for leaders imbued with integrity not Atiku ".

2013 "Atiku should apologize to Nigerians over his political sins".

2014  No political party with the aspiration to assume leadership should think of Atiku".

2015 "Nigeria has grown beyond a corrupt leader like Atiku".

2016 " I will never reconcile with Atiku ".

2017 " I never knew Atiku was this corrupt " "I can never be on the same page with Atiku. God forbid!".

2018 January to August " God will not forgive me if I support Atiku ".

2018 August " Atiku has the capacity to save Nigeria's economy from collapse".                

What do you think about Chief Olusegun Obasanjo?

CREDIT: Musa Mohammed

Fellow Nigerians, share until this message gets to everyone who was a victim of  PDP Propaganda!
  Don't  allow these most corrupt  and   mafia politicians kidnap nor  hijack you again!!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


ATTENTION:  ______________________________
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Born in Lagos and attended St. Finbarr’s College, Yaba.
Obtained his Computer Diploma Certificate from the University of Lagos.                                                                  Higher National Diploma Certificate from the Lagos State Polytechnic.
National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C) Scheme in kolokuma Local government area of Bayelsa State.
Performing arts/Cultural presentation
Festivals and Carnivals (As the official face or mascot).
School Occasions
Special Guest Appearance
Seminars/Motivational speaker
Brand Ambassador for companies
Courtesy visitation.
As one of the major contributors to the socio-Economic development of our dear country, I shall be very glad to have a good working relationship with you as regard my career.
For further enquiries and possible deliberation as regards the above, I will be delighted to honour your invitation.
Thanking you in anticipation, and looking forward to a favorable response.
Yours faithfully,

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Phone Number: 08145806884 (MTN LINE)
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Wikipedia: @tallest man in Nigeria.
Google: Tallest man in Nigeria.

Please Share and be blessed.

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Health is wealth.

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Friday, 3 March 2017

A New Lagos State Environmental Law

A new Lagos State
Environmental law is
stipulating a prison term or
fine for residents who drill
boreholes without government
authorisation, PREMIUM TIMES
has learnt.
The legislation specifically
criminalises sale or distribution
of water by container, tanker,
or any other method without a
valid license issued by the
Department of Water Resources.
The bill, passed by the state
House of Assembly, is yet to be
signed into law by Governor
Akinwumi Ambode.
The government says it targets
commercial users, but activists
fear the ban may affect private
citizens, who struggle daily to
get water through individual
“The salt rubbed on the injury
is the fact that as we speak, the
public has not set eyes on the
new bill to ascertain if our
fears and objections raised at
the Public Hearing were
incorporated into what was
eventually passed,” said
Akinbode Oluwafemi, Deputy
Director, Environmental Rights
Action/Friends of the Earth
Nigeria, during a press
conference in Lagos on
The problem with the Bill
On February 20, the Lagos
House of Assembly passed “A
Bill for a Law to Consolidate all
Laws Relating to the
Environment for the
Management, Protection and
Sustainable Development of the
Environment in Lagos State and
for Connected Purposes” into
The Bill was passed less than
two weeks after activists and
environmentalists challenged
its key sections at a public
A section (7.2.a) in the draft Bill secured
the “payment of contracted services and
concessions for long term infrastructure
investments with an irrevocable Service
Payment Order as the first line charge on
the State’s Internally Generated Revenue.
In section 7.2.b., it states that, “In the event
that the state’s IGR is insufficient or
unavailable to discharge its obligations, the
state should apply monies due to it from the
federal monthly allocation or any other
source to secure its payment obligation to
contractors and concessionaires under the
Mr. Oluwafemi described both sections as
anti-people and would tie the hands of
Lagos citizens to ambiguous agreements.
“These clauses will make government,
through taxpayers money, to pay corporate
entities without fail even when there are
other pressing issues requiring funding.
“Literally, it is saying if passed, the Lagos
State government must pay these corporate
entities before spending on salaries,
healthcare, roads and so on.
“We also feel Lagosians should have a say
on how the state’s federal allocation will be
used. These provisions elevate government
spending towards private concessions over
all other government spending.”
The most controversial aspect of the draft
Bill, however, is its provisions towards
access to drinking water in the state.
Section 137(1)(a) stipulates that, “No
person or group of persons shall sink or
cause to be sunk boreholes, hydraulic and
other structures connected with the supply
of surface ground water or treated water
without obtaining the necessary permit
from the Office of Drainage Services.”
Section 141(1)(a) says no person or group
of persons shall “Abstract water from any
lake, river, stream or other natural
resources forming part of state water
except with the approval of department of
water resources of the Office of Drainage
In 141(1)(c), it states that no person or
group of persons shall “Make, sell,
distribute or cause to be made, sold, or
distributed water by container, tanker or
any other method whatsoever without a
valid licence being issued by the
Department of Water Resources of the Office
of Drainage Services.”
An individual convicted under the law will
pay a N100,000 fine or serve a six month
jail term or both; for an organisation, it is
N500,000 and confiscation of its
Mr. Oluwafemi said the law does not
mention how it will affect owners of
existing boreholes in the state.
“We feel provisions in these sections should
be clarified properly,” he said.
“Threatening imprisonment for distributing
water to meet the needs of the
disenfranchised unless this applies only to
large corporations like the breweries and
bottling companies.
“Or else, it would mean for instance, that a
person who gathers water from a stream or
tap in his apartment and gives it to family
or neighbour in need with go to jail for six
The law has been roundly condemned.
Agnes Sessi, the president of African
Women Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
Network, said the “draconian” law would
cause untold hardship to the people.
“One of our rights as citizens is to live, to
have good water to drink, good
environment,” said Mrs. Sessi.
“If government has failed to provide water
for us, they do not have the right to take
away our efforts to provide for ourselves.
Do they want us to die?”
Betty Abah, Executive Director of CEE-
HOPE, said the very vulnerable in Lagos
are currently under threat due to
government policies.
“A government is supposed to provide for
the people, protect their interests, but we
have a government that seems to want to
fight the people.”
Achike Chude, vice president of Joint Action
Front, said Lagos is a pilot state and other
states would soon begin criminalising
sinking of boreholes.
“The issues are very clear and each time we
are confronted with situations like these,
we can’t help but ask why government
subjects Nigerians to all kinds of misery and
‘Due legislative process’
Last week, activists criticised the Lagos
lawmakers for a hasty passage of the Bill
into law; Mr. Oluwafemi said the 190-page
draft was made available to civil society
groups on the day of the Public Hearing.
A UN expert had also raised “serious
concerns” over the law.
But Tunde Braimoh, the Lagos House of
Assembly committee chairman on
Information, Strategy and Security,
maintained that the Bill passed through due
legislative process before its passage.
“There is a process for legislative
proceedings, there is a process to pass a bill
into law, and I want to say that to all
intents and purposes the processes were
fully and duly complied with by the Lagos
State House of Assembly in the
consideration and passage of the
Environmental bill to law,” Mr. Braimoh
told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday.
Mr. Braimoh admitted that there were
contentious provisions in the draft Bill but
insisted they were removed before passage
into law.
“Because we have to manage these things,”
he said.
“Everywhere in the world, go to America,
you cannot just start digging boreholes.
Government has to certify these things. You
cannot just say a water is good for you to
drink, somebody will allow you to commit
suicide. If everybody starts digging
boreholes…maybe there’s a sewage tank
very close to the borehole, it can
contaminate it.
“The truth now is, that aspect has been
removed from the bill, it’s not there
anymore, you can dig your borehole. If it is
for residential use, you are going to dig it
for your own house, the government has
allowed you. But if you are going to use it
for any commercial purpose, maybe for
sale or for public premises, then you have
to get officials of the Water Corporation.
They have to look at the location and
approve it for you before you can do it.
“Most of the things that people submitted at
the public hearing have been adhered to,
most of what they said have been
considered. Just that government is not run
by sentiments, government is run by
courage. Government has to think forward,
to make changes, positive changes that can
impact on the lives of the people,
government cannot be stagnated.
“What we proposed before them was what
was on ground, but later so many
constructive criticisms, sterling ideas were
brought up at the public hearing and we
adjusted accordingly.”

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How its all started. "Floodgate of memories. By Segun Adefila.

Today, the 1st June 1996. Floodgate of memories. Exactly 20 years ago! Just don't want the day to go just like that. So here's something I wrote last year. Please enjoy or endure and you may even edit it;

On June 1, 1996, a group of young persons came together and founded what is today known as CROWN TROUPE.
Huddled in one seating room, we sat, talked and decided to start a group- just like that!
This seating room or parlour as we prefer to call it belonged to the mother of one of us. It was her own flat in the house of her husband and father of this member. The patriarch of the household where the journey physically began is himself a trailblazing musician of international repute. He is non other than the King himself, King Sunny Ade.
This kind mother popularly known as Iya Ronke who allowed us the use of her flat has passed on today but her motherly gesture has not and cannot be erased.
We would all converge in this parlour and sing and dance to our fill for the day and could not wait for the next day to come so that we could do it again!
That's just how it started.
With no single drum or costume!
Our body was all we had. We sang, naturally with our mouth and drummed with...wait for it...Our mouths!
When a few months after we started, Kunle my friend and founding member in whose mother's parlour we started the group had to leave for the US, we moved downstairs still within the compound.
Does this remind anyone of the progression of (liturgical) theatre from inside the church to the church compound and finally outside of the church premises?
Ours was similar.
I remember vividly a barber (popularly known as Sir Kay) whose salon was opposite where we rehearsed, giving us a gong one day and this treasure became our very first musical instruments. 
Then a friend and senior colleague simply called Art Osagie, not long after this, also gave us a drum-without it's leather and said he wished he could give us more but the wood merely needed leather! This too we quickly added to our gradually growing properties.
Aha! I remember one day when Kunle and I went to raid his famous father's store for some old costumes. In case you don't know, King Sunny Ade was also a dramatist! Yes, there's a Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala) connection somewhere. Want to know more? Google it or better still ask someone.
So, back to my tale.
Kunle left, and we had notably Sunny Eselekhomhen, Femi James, Adaeze, Chinyere Chukwu, Loise Nkaonu, Segun Kayode, Rashida, Bola Ige etc, left to carry on.
Along the line we bowed to the agelong saying of our fathers that 'ten children can't be play together for 10 years'.
True to the saying, we began to split.
Some went into other ventures in life.
Some, to start other groups. Some to freelance. And others to just...become what they planned to become and all of us to become what life has made of us or we have made of life.
Back to my tale, I say.
This is our tale.  
Imagine a group of amateur hunters, who without a single weapon safe their passion, decide to go hunting in no less precarious a place than the thick parts of the wild jungle.
And did we hunt? Yes we did. Were we hunted? Yes we were!
With no weapon, we plunged headlong into the jungle with the boiling blood of youth.
We were scarred,
We were bullied,
We were booed,
There were jeers
And of course there were cheers.
It has been the the grace of GOD all through.
Over the years, Crown Troupe has thrived on the
abundance of the grace and sustaining power of the DIVINE
Friends, fans and lovers of of the group who in more ways than they can ever imagine, have stood with and by us to weather the storm- through thick and thin. They've most likely seen us at our best or worst but they've always been there.
The media.
If you've seen us on air or in prints, believe me, we have never had to pay a dime for it! Not merely because we couldn't afford it but also because of the goodwill of those dedicated members of the 4th Estate who made it a point of duty to come see our shows, talk about them and never asked for the usual 'brown Ghana must go' (envelopes can't cut it any longer in these days of fuel scarcity and falling naira).
Patrons, our customers we call them. They are the ones who keep us in business by requesting and paying for our services. They make us their choice in spite of the available options.
Supporters. These are the giants on whose shoulders we stand to reach for the skies. We will  begin to roll out their names by our 20th anniversary next year.
There are people out there lurking and watching and you never see them until they appear and these gestures spur us on.
Mentors. Simply put, when we get tired and we remember them or see them in the forefront battling it out without taking a breath, we follow them.
Volunteers. Ha! These people ehn. Some of them write for us, design our fliers, speak for us, sacrifice for us and so on and so forth. You know those friends who you just call up at any time of the day and ask them for favours that cost time and money? Or those uncles whose pockets we strained to run some of our works?
The venues. Chai, these ones would not only give us their spaces, they also ensured the spaces were functional enough like we paid for them.
Finally those young, valiant, courageous, passionate, determined members of the group. They remind me of me. They remind me of my purpose in life. I do not know what to say about the members of Crown Troupe but I will share with you a poem I wrote for them once:


Some of you guys give me trouble
Some of you guys drive me nuts
Some of you guys give me this
Some of you guys give me that
All of you guys give me life
All of you guys keep me going
All of you guys make me think
All of you guys make it all...
Worth it.
Were I
A bull, you would be my horns
A snail, my shell
A horse, my legs
A rose my petals
Fire, my heat
A scorpion, my tail
An eagle, my wings
A bard, my voice
You're that part of me
I long to reach
You then
The right eyes shall see
The right ears shall hear
The right tongue shall speak about
The right hearts you shall find
I thank you all
And GOD shall bless you more
Ire Gbogbo!

With these guys, I've been through thick and thin.
Produced shows with sweat and blood and no one to see the shows. We would work tirelessly to put a show together and there would be two tickets sold. We would finish the show and then begin to wonder how to get back home from the venue. And while at it, we would also be planning the next rehearsal and show! These guys are phenomenal.

Oh, there are lots of bright days too. We've performed before dignitaries too. We have graced functions at different levels. We have revelled in victories. We have been here and there in the past 19 years and today, here we are.

There are lots to share but for now just manage this as we all gear up for the BIG ONE.

Friday, 22 April 2016


Join Gideon Okeke, Hauwa, Bukky Wright, Tina Mba, R&B singer Banky W, Daniel Lloyd and the sexy Lepacious Bose in Gidi Blues as they share their LASGidi experience in the new movie by multiple award winning director Femi Odugbemi. You can also join by answering the question What is your #GidiBlues? What makes Lagos special to you? What is it that you will miss about Lagos if you leave for 2weeks? My #GidiBlues is...Guess? Someone said my #GidiBlues is Amala Yahoo with goat meat in Ogudu. Follow the movie on, and

Monday, 11 April 2016

NIGERIA HISTORY. Your new councilor.

My Nigerian sisters, quick question. Henrietta Lawson, ever heard of her? No? Well she was the first Nigerian woman to hold an elective office in Government in Nigeria (see picture). She was elected a Councillor, in the October 16 1950, Lagos Town Council elections. That election was equally historic in that it was the first time Nigerian women were "allowed" to vote and be voted for. Three other women contested those elections- Mrs Oyinkan Abayomi, Adebisi Adebiyi and Tinuola Dedeke of the Nigerian Womens Party (they were unsuccessful).

Henrietta Lawson was born in Lagos in 1913 and was the niece of Herbert Macaulay and the grand-daughter of Bishop Ajayi Crowther. She was a member of the NCNC, contesting on the platform of the Democratic Alliance in the 1950 elections. Margaret Ekpo, Keziah Fashina and Margaret Ededem were to follow in her footsteps by contesting and winning elections, a few years later. In fact Ekpo, Remi Aiyedun and Janet Mokelu, as we know, made history in 1953 by their appointment as members of the House of Chiefs in their regions (as well Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti). Salute to this great woman, who contested and won an election, 66 years ago. 90% of those who declared the female gender to be inferior weren't even born then. Perhaps err....history should be made compulsory?

These press clips shall form part of an up-coming exhibition I'm planning 'Nigerian History Through The Headlines' or something like that...